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THE TURNING is now in paperback! 

Check out the new Discussion Guide, with questions and activities! And somehow, the cover illustration by Vashti Harrison looks even more gorgeous. Find it at your local independent bookstore, or here:


Oregon Spirit Book Award

I'm thrilled to announce that THE TURNING has been named the winner in the Middle Readers category of the Oregon Spirit Book Award by the Oregon Council of Teachers of English! This honor is especially meaningful because of all the amazing, life-changing work these teachers do every day, bringing kids the magic of words and inspiring them to make their own magic. My thanks to the awards committee, and congratulations to honor-book winners Barbara Kerley and Cindy Baldwin!


Writing Workshops at the Attic


I teach workshops on writing Middle Grade and Young Adult novels at The Attic Institute in Portland. I teach both exercise-based and critique-based workshops, and at times I also lead workshops on retelling myths and fairy tales, and ways of conveying emotion in your writing. Check back here or on The Attic's website for information on upcoming workshops. 


A few past favorites . . . 

Fitting in vs. Belonging: What I Learned From a Selkie picture.jpg

My post on parenting, wanting to help our kids, and supporting them in being themselves is on 

Friend Friday

My post on the importance of friendship, inThe Turning and in my writing life, is at the wonderful Kirby Larson's blog.

A lovely review

This is from Between the Lines, a program at Belmont Books​ where 7- to 17-year-olds review books. Joshua nailed it!

"The Turning is about a boy named Aran who is a selkie — a human who can turn into a seal. Sadly, he has not got a pelt--the item that turns a human selkie into a seal. Aran's goal is to find his pelt so he can live with his family in the water and have fun with his clan. I really liked this book because it is packed with action but also has a sentimental part to it. Most books that aim to be poetic end up being boring. The Turning is a great example of an exciting poetic book. I highly recommend this book. If you get it, I hope you have a great time reading it."      — Joshua, age 11